“We want to reduce filtration time and raise production efficiency” MARK3β

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We want to reduce filtration time and raise production efficiency

A pharmaceuticals manufacturer, S Corporation, requested to us, “We want to reduce filtration time and raise production efficiency.”
We proposed the Mark III β with a greater centrifugal force, greater throughput (basket size) and no risk of belt dust (mixing of foreign matter) compared to another company’s horizontal centrifuge which they already had installed.

As a result of using our centrifuge, it is now possible to carry out filtration processing of a large quantity of product in a single centrifuge process, and as processing is possible with a greater centrifugal force than the existing centrifuge made by another company, this leads to a resulting reduction in filtration time and increase in manufacturing efficiency.

In addition, as our Mark III β centrifuge does not use a belt, there is no abrasion dust and we were informed that as work can be carried out in a clean work environment, contamination risk is reduced, and as the motor is positioned in the upper central part of the centrifuge, the installation space is small , and noise and vibration are reduced.

 Top-drive bottom-discharge centrifuge, Mark III

The proposed top-drive bottom-discharge centrifuge, Mark III β

Key Points – water removal time reduced

In comparison to the existing horizontal centrifuge manufactured by another company, the centrifugal force of our vertical centrifuge is greater, so the water removal time is reduced.

The centrifuge introduced here has a centrifugal effect of 800g.

Key Point – Clean work area

Since there is no V belt for driving the device, dust no longer appears due to slippage, and so the work area can be kept clean.

Key Point – Reduces the maintenance overhead

Since there is no V belt to drive the device, the overhead of belt adjustment, and the problem of belt breakage through long-term usage, if unlikely, can be avoided.

Maintenance Overhaul

Key Point – Small installation area despite large capacity

Since in our Mark III β the motor is placed in the central upper part of the centrifuge, it is not necessary to install the centrifuge’s electric motor unit at the side of the centrifuge.

So even in a limited area, the installation area can be kept to a compact size.

Key Point – Low vibration, low noise

Since the motor is placed in the central upper part of the centrifuge, compared to other companies’ existing horizontal centrifuges, its contribution to low vibrations, and reduced machine noise has received high praise.

Noise materials

Company supplied

The manufacturer, S Corporation, that manufactures pharmaceuticals.


Centrifuge supplied

Top-drive bottom-discharge centrifuge, Mark III

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