How to choose a centrifuge

Determining the recommended centrifuge

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What is your intended use of the centrifuge?

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How to choose a centrifuge

It is difficult to explain in general how to choose a centrifuge.
This is because the flow of the liquid inside the centrifuge and the discharge structure of the liquid are different depending on the size and characteristics of particles in the liquid and the stickiness, etc., of the liquid itself, making it difficult to predict behavior.
Therefore, in order to select a centrifuge, actually conducting the test in the centrifuge is recommended.
The choice also depends on a number of factors, including how the centrifuge is used, how often the machine itself is washed, whether the objects processed are poisonous when people come into contact with them, and where in the factory the centrifuge is installed.

Factors requiring consideration to select a centrifuge

Examples of factors requiring consideration to select a centrifuge

  • Consistency of the liquid
  • Viscosity of the liquid
  • Specific gravities of the liquid and solid
  • PH value of the liquid
  • Shape of the object
  • Size of the object
  • Tendency of objects to lump together
  • Temperature when inserted into the machine
  • Where the machine is installed in the factory
  • Frequency of washing the machine itself

The above is an example.
In addition to the above factors, we will listen to what kinds of problems you are having and how you want to use the centrifuge, and then make a comprehensive decision to suggest the best centrifuge model, options, usage methods, driving programs, etc.
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