“We want to introduce automation on a low budget” DIBUCβ

Cost cutting

We want to introduce automation on a low budget.

A chemical product manufacturer, K Corporation, consulted us, explaining,

“The water removal rate of the filter press already installed in the machine building that we are using is not very good. So, we are considering a centrifuge.
We want the centrifuge to be automated, but the existing machine building is not strong enough to allow installation on the 2nd or 3rd floors of the building.
However, we do not have the budget to start over outside the machine building, so we want a fully automatic machine that can be installed on the first floor.”

So we proposed and supplied a DIBUC type, suction, fully automatic centrifuge that could be installed on the first floor of the building.

As a result of using our centrifuge, the customer was able to greatly reduce the investment expense, and compared to the filter press, the water removal rate rose and the human labor involved in collecting cake was reduced.

The suction, fully automatic centrifuge, DIBUC

The proposed suction, fully automatic centrifuge, DIBUC

Key Points – suction transportation which does not allow selection of installation location

Machine installation on the first floor is possible

The top-suction discharge DIBUC uses suction simultaneously with scraping of the cake after the filtration and water removal has finished, allowing transportation to the next process.

Since the cake does not drop down to the floor below, but undergoes suction and is transported to the next process, it is possible to install the centrifuge on the first floor of the factory.

Cake suction test possible

If you have concerns about suction discharge of the cake, it is possible to check using our test machine of 20 liters in advance to see whether or not suction and transportation of the cake is feasible.

Prevention of clogging of discharged cake

Since the supplied machine has a much larger capacity, of 613 liters, than the test machine, so that the suction opening is not blocked by cake scraped off all at once, we made a specification with multi-stage scraping and speed control using an inverter-controlled scraping device.

Company supplied

The chemical product manufacturer, K Corporation

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Centrifuge supplied

 The suction discharge centrifuge, DIBUC

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