“Replacing the filter cloth takes time and labor” MARK3β

Replacing the filter cloth takes time and labor

A manufacturer of chemical products, S Corporation, consulted us, explaining, “We are planning to increase production of our products, and replacing the filter takes time and labor, so we want to exclude the filter replacement.”

And so, we proposed the Mark IIIβ equipped with an electronic beam screen that does not require a filter cloth and a casing with an open and close mechanism that makes cleaning easy.

As a result of using our centrifuge, they were able to increase manufacturing efficiency due to the reduction in manufacturing time and the labor saving.

Key Points – customized specification emphasizing cleanability

Casing open and close mechanism

As the casing opens wide toward the top, cleaning the machine interior and checking the cleaning are easy.

Work efficiency is increased without the overhead of filter replacement

By using the electronic beam screen, a metal filter that does not require replacement, the filter replacement task was eliminated, and with no labor required, manufacturing efficiency increased.

Company supplied

The chemical product manufacturer, S Corporation

Image of chemical products

Device supplied

The supplied MarkⅢβ

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