Centrifuge Size

When you hear the word “centrifuge,”it generally conjures up the image of a small, desktop machine that separates blood and other substances using test tubes in a hospital or research laboratory.

Therefore, we made a chart of the sizes of Matsumoto Machine’s centrifuges that is easy to understand visually.

Size comparison chart

Mark III boasts one of the largest throughputs of our products.

The LAC for R & D is our smallest centrifuge and enables separation by filtration of small amounts of samples.

“Person” is of the average height of Japanese men in 2015.

If we tell you our centrifuges are large scale machines for use in manufacturing, you will be surprised, but if you actually look at the comparison chart, it is indeed big, yes?

Mark III is widely used for mass production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and foods.

Please check the detailed size at the links below.

■Page about the Mark III bottom-discharge centrifuge■

■Page about the LAC centrifuge for use in R & D■

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