What does an overhaul at our factory constitute?

What does an overhaul at our factory constitute?

In an overhaul we take the main body of the machine from the user’s factory where the machine is installed, disassemble the machine such as a centrifuge into its constituent parts at the Matsumoto Machine Group factory, then clean, reassemble, replace the consumable parts, and return the performance to close to that when it was new.

The contents of the Matsumoto Machine Group centrifuge overhaul in our factory depends on the machine, but as an example, it mainly consists of:

・Replacing and cleaning the main shaft’s consumable parts
・Replacing and cleaning the scraping unit’s consumable parts
・Replacing and cleaning the over-feed detectors consumable parts
・Inspecting and correcting the basket balance
・Inspecting other consumables
・Checking the vibration
・Measuring the machine body temperature

and so on.

The major difference from maintenance on site is that it allows detailed maintenance and inspection, such as checking the basket balance, which cannot be performed in a customer’s factory.

Also, in the case of maintenance in our factory, there are cases where it is possible to correct parts that cannot be corrected even if wear is found in the field, because the machine itself is located in our factory.

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