Importance of Regular Inspections

We recommend regular maintenance of your centrifuge.

Our company conducts the following maintenance.

Visual inspection at the customer’s factory
An on-site overhaul at the customer’s factory


In the case of a return overhaul, we are able to perform detailed maintenance and inspection, such as checking the balance of the basket, which cannot be carried out in the customer’s factory.

Regular maintenance by the manufacturer can detect wear and tear on consumables and damage to machine parts before failure occurs. So, it prevents the machine from being out of service for an extended period due to failure and thus prevents loss of opportunities.

Since it may take time to make or order a part after it breaks down, we recommend performing checks regularly to avoid inconvenience.

This is the condition of the centrifuge interior during inspection and repair.



The consumable parts are replaced as described above and machine parts are inspected for wear and tear.

Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry page to request regular inspections.


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