“We want to understand the filtration status and how the product is being filtered at any time” LAC

Test centrifuge filtration

.We want to understand the filtration status and how the product is being filtered at any time

A chemicals manufacturer, H Corporation, told us, “As we conduct tests with a variety of samples, we want to determine the status of filtration in any time period.” So they adopted the, LAC centrifuge for use in research and development..

As a result of using our centrifuge, since the filtration can be visualized , the status of filtration can be determined in any time period as requested, and the filtration and separation test efficiency increased.

The supplied LAC

In the usual centrifuge filtration tests, a small model, the KM series top-discharge centrifuge was used.

However, filtration cannot be viewed part way through with the KM series, so it is difficult to determine what phenomenon is occurring part way through the filtration, even if the filtration has failed, and so improvement and countermeasures require time.

KM small

The KM used as the usual test machine

With the LAC adopted in this case, the upper part of the basket is transparent, and further, with the strobe effect due to a window installed in the casing, the liquid surface and cake (crystal) thickness can be measured part way though filtration, and whether the liquid has passed through or missed the cake layer can be observed, so it is possible to determine the filtration status.


The strobe effect of the transparent basket

As the filtration status can be viewed over time, the speed from testing to improvement increases and this leads to shortened test times.

Key Points

Thin basket

As the basket is thin, even a small amount of sample can be tested by adding a cake thickness with a filtration resistance assuming actual production.

Transparent basket

Since the filtration process can be viewed from the upper part of the centrifuge, it is easy to identify the filtration speed or the cause if the filtration is not progressing as expected, leading to shortened test times.

You can view the filtration test here. (The video shows a filtration test with an old type of centrifuge.)

Company supplied

The chemicals manufacturer, H Corporation

Image of chemical products

Device supplied

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