“We want to remove oil from snacks” DMNβ

We want to remove oil from snacks.

A confectionery manufacturer, C Corporation, consulted us, explaining, “We want to remove more oil from our snacks to make a light-tasting snack for dieting.” So we proposed and supplied a centrifugal deoiler equipped with a special basket and a hat-shaped lid to prevent snacks from falling.

As a result of using our centrifugal deoiler, as requested, it was possible to manufacture lighter, crispier snacks than before suitable for dieting.

Based on the initial details discussed with the customer, they were entering the final stage of development of a new product, but the development division requested, “we want to keep down the oil content a bit more.” So they tried a variety of methods but none were successful, and they had hit a snag.

They had spent six years developing this new product, and the snack was extremely thin and had a new texture that could be enjoyed. Also, as the target was female customers, a product with a lighter finish than previously and with the oil content controlled was a must.

When we first discussed the issue, our impression was,“to tell you the truth it sounds difficult.”

As the centrifugal deoilers we manufacture usually apply a force several hundred times that of gravity and are devices for separating liquids and solids, if such a centrifugal force were applied to snacks it would shatter them into pieces. That said, if slowly rotated at a speed that wouldn’t break the product, then insufficient centrifugal force would be applied causing the product to drop down (as fully automatic centrifugal deoilers discharge from the bottom, if a centrifugal effect of around 100 g is not applied then the product will drop down before it can be separated).

Therefore, we developed a new deoiler (centrifuge) with a lid inserted at the bottom of the basket during rotation that prevents solids dropping down, and which raises the lid to discharge the product once the oil is removed.

To enable the snacks to drop easily, the basket was positioned diagonally and the lid on the basket bottom was hat-shaped.

Due to this, we were able to achieve a fully automated deoiling process in which, even though the machine rotates at a low speed, the snacks do not drop down, the hat-shaped lid is raised when processing finishes, and the snack is collected from the bottom.

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Key Points – A unique, new design in response to the request

Hat-shaped lid to prevent snacks dropping down

So that the snacks don’t break into pieces, a hat-shaped lid is installed in the basket bottom to allow the basket to be rotated at a low speed.

Unique basket process

So that snacks can transition to the next process once the deoiling treatment is finished, we designed a unique basket positioned diagonally.

Casing open and close mechanism

By using an open and close style casing, when the basket is open, the centrifuge casing interior, the whole basket and any attached equipment can be cleaned thoroughly. Thanks to this, a deoiling process is possible that keeps down the risk of mixing of foreign matter with the product.


Company supplied

Confectionery manufacturer, C Corporation

Snack deoiler and potato chips

Centrifuge supplied

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