We want a centrifuge for lab scale testing

We want a centrifuge for lab scale testing.

D Corporation, a contract manufacturer of synthetic drug substances and intermediates, consulted us, asking, “Is there a centrifuge able to conduct separation tests for extracting conditions in research and development? Also, is there a device that is extremely easily to move and install?”

So, we proposed our LAC-2000 centrifuge for use in labs, and it was adopted by the customer.

This time, assuming a test with a very small amount of sample, we proposed a specification in which the LAC-400 type basket can also be attached. Since the capacity can be adjusted according to the sample volume and slurry properties, the test time can be shortened.

As a result of introducing our centrifuge, repeated separation tests with a small number of samples were made possible, resulting in a significant reduction in time for extracting conditions.

For the removal of the basket for cleaning or disassembly, conventional centrifuges require knowledge and special tools, but as our LAC-2000 can be easily removed with regular tools, the load on the operator is also reduced.

Its compact size allows installation in the laboratory, and its 100 V power supply means it can be used wherever it is installed.

The LAC supplied

Key Points

Separation tests are possible with a small amount of sample.

■Can be tested repeatedly under various conditions.
This contributes to shortening the development period for extracting conditions.

In the usual centrifuge, 20 liters (20,000 milliliters) of sample was required, but with the LAC400, 400 milliliters of the sample is enough to carry out a filtration test.

With fewer filtration samples, filtration time is also reduced, thus reducing testing time.

■The cake layer can be formed.
It is possible to check filtration resistance, and to check the cleanability of the cake by pouring in cleaning solution.

Since the transparent basket enables visual checking of the filtration status, data logging is possible during centrifugal separation.



Lab-Specific Equipment Specifications

■Centrifugal effect up to 2000 g

■Since the upper part of the basket is a glass cover, visual confirmation is possible during separation.

■Rich Filter Options
By exchanging the basket ring for a different one, the filter can be changed and tested.

① Perforated wall type ring (filter cloth installed and standard specifications)
② Electronic beam screen ring (100 μm or other)
③ Fuji Plate screen ring    (5 μm or other)
④ Perforated wall type ring (centrifugal sedimentation type and skimming device installed)

■Can be used wherever it is installed.
・Driven by a 100 V power supply.
・Easy to install and move using a cart with vibration-proof rubber. (Optional)

↑ A reference photo of the cart.

You can view the filtration test here. (The video shows a filtration test with an old type of centrifuge.)

Company supplied

D Corporation, a contract manufacturer of synthetic drug substances and intermediates

Pharmaceuticals Medicine

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