“The skimming device is automated! ★Locations can even be set★ Visually checking cleaning inside the machine is easy!” BMβ

The skimming device is automated! ★Locations can even be set★ Visually checking cleaning inside the machine is easy!

S, a manufacturer that sells many chemicals and other products, asked us:
 “We want to automate and optionally stop device skimming with a centrifugal sedimentation machine. In addition, do you have a machine whose inside can be cleaned and checked?” 

We put together a proposal for a centrifuge equipped with “a casing opening and closing device (Enapac),” “basket lifting,” and “a skimming servo motor” and S introduced it.

As a result, visual inspection and swabbing inside equipment is now easy with the casing opening and closing device. In addition, the use of a basket lifting mechanism has made it possible to visually check and swab the casing bottom, which is difficult to perform using only the casing opening and closing device.
Based on the above, machine disassembly is unnecessary when checking the cleaning of each machine, so this set-up also contributes to reducing the burden on workers and reducing running costs.
With the skimming servo motor, the user can change the position of the skimming bite with the touch panel as they like, so what used to be adjusted manually can now be done easily at the push of a button. And so workers no longer have to remain in place to do this when needed.

The BM centrifuge proposed for the manufacture of chemicals.

Key Point

Casing Opening and Closing Mechanism

When cleaning inside a machine, it is usually difficult to clean without lifting off the casing (the outer part of the centrifuge), but this option allows you to open the casing wide in an upwards direction so you can wash it without lifting it off.
As for the drive mechanism, there are several types such as hydraulic, electric, and manual, but, as used in this example, depending on the machine size, there are cases where manual opening and closing can be adopted, and no power is needed.

Casing open

Basket Lifting

Equipped with a basket lifting device, the narrow gaps can be cleaned between the basket bottom and inside the boss (cylindrical part), and the top of the casing bottom and the outside of the bearing case, which was not possible previously, allowing flushing, wiping, and checking of the cleanliness.

In this video, you can see the casing opening and the basket lifting, although it is a different model.

Skimming Servo Motor

It is possible to automatically and arbitrarily change the position of the skimming device and operate it.

Companies Supplied

S Corporation, a chemicals manufacturer

Centrifuge Supplied

bdmn-01 BM


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