“High-mix small-lot production with one machine” DMNβ

High-mix small-lot production with one machine

A food product manufacturer, O Corporation, told us, we want to focus on cleanability so we can use one machine in the manufacture of a variety of products, so we proposed and supplied a centrifuge equipped with a casing panel, a casing open and close mechanism and a liftable basket.


Key Points – customized specification focused on cleanability

・Casing panel

Since the casing is rounded with no corners, there are no corners where the crystals can become clogged.

This prevents mixing of different substances or contamination when switching products in the centrifuge.


・Casing open and close mechanism

As the casing is openable and closeable the basket can be opened up, so the inside of the centrifuge casing, the entire basket and any other attached equipment can be finely cleaned. This enables sufficiently clean centrifugal processing, even when the processed item is switched.


・Liftable basket

By raising the basket, the casing interior and basket bottom can be easily cleaned, which lightens the workload of the machine operator and contributes to increased product quality.


Company supplied

O Corporation, a manufacturer of food products

Image of high-mix small-lot manufacture of spices and food products

Model supplied