Centrifuge Price

 Centrifuge Prices

How much is a centrifuge?

Centrifuges are available in a variety of sizes and materials, from small tabletop centrifuges for separating blood for use in hospitals and university research institutes, to large centrifuges for manufacturing pharmaceuticals as manufactured by us.
The price also varies depending on whether it is made in Japan or overseas, whether it is used for pharmaceuticals, whether it is used for food products, what the materials are of the machine main unit itself, and whether it is ready-made or custom-made.
We often get inquiries about our centrifuge price list, but as mentioned above, we cannot give you a general answer about the price without asking about various factors.
So, here we will explain the factors affecting the price of a centrifuge in general.

Centrifuge pricing factors
・Ready-made or custom-made
・Main unit size
・Main unit material
・Use (products handled)
・Abundance of options


Ready-made and Custom-made

The price varies greatly depending on whether the item is ready-made, which can be mass-produced, or custom-made.
The small tabletop centrifuge for blood separation, used mainly in hospitals and university research institutes, tends to cost less because it is mass produced.
On the other hand, custom-made products tend to be expensive because we ask our customers what they want, propose specifications that meet their concerns, create a design map from scratch, and create the parts one by one.


Main Unit Size

The main unit size is also an important price factor.
Of course, the price tends to be low for a small main unit because the amount of material used is small.
Prices tend to be higher the larger the main unit, as more materials are used.


Main Unit Materials

Material Metal SUSThe price depends on what materials are used for the main unit.
The materials mainly used in our company are SUS304, SUS306, SUS316, SUS316 L, Hastelloy, titanium, rubber, aflon (NF014), aflon (NF014EC), aflon (NF240), aflon (NF240 EC).
For other materials that the customer requests, we will check if we can manufacture it.
It also depends on whether the entire part is made of that material, or whether the center is made of a different material, such as plating, and only the surrounding area is made of that material.
For example, this is maybe easy to understand if we state it as the difference between pure gold and gold-plated accessories.
Of course, if it is pure gold, the amount of gold used will increase and the price will increase.
In our company, we refer to a part as “pure” if everything is made of that material like pure gold.
When the material is used only for the periphery like plating, we refer to it as “lining.”
The price varies depending on whether the material is used only for the inside of the machine or for places where the product manufactured by the customer touches (metal part), or whether the material is used for the outside of the machine other than the metal part.


Usage (Processed Items)

Prices also vary depending on the characteristics of the processed items for the product you manufacture.
From the point of view of how much contamination of foreign substances is allowed, pharmaceuticals and electronics materials are not allowed to contain even minute contaminants. Therefore, the price varies depending on what kind of material the machine is made of and how much is made of that material.
In addition, when multiple products are manufactured by a single machine, different products are manufactured after one product is manufactured, so the degree to which special cleaning options are required is also an important factor in how much care is taken about cleaning.


Abundance of Options

As mentioned above, we have a variety of options to deal with various problems, depending on the degree of cleanliness required, viscosity of the product to be collected, and the recovery rate.


Centrifuge Price

The centrifuge price varies depending on size, material, options, etc., from around 20,000 yen for a mass-produced small one to around 100 million yen for a custom-made large and expensive one.

We will ask you what you are concerned about and what you would like to use, and will suggest the optimal machine, so please feel free to contact us in the first instance.
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