Product Specifications

When handling active substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, the centrifuge must be contained within the isolator to ensure operator safety. The newly designed centrifuge for the separation of highly active substances is equipped with isolators for all OEL levels of 0.1 ~ 100 μg/m3. Work can be performed in a contained state while ensuring the safety of the operator.



・Revolution per minutes:3465(min-1)

・Max. centrifugal effects:2000G

・Max. Processing capacity:2000g



※We will design and manufacture in accordance with your request.Please feel free to contact us.

※This is a tie-up product with Nara Machinery Co., Ltd. with extensive experience and achievements all around the world.


Product features

・Access to products is easy. The inclined discharge provides excellent operability and workability.

・The filter cloth allows easy removal of products.

・A filter cloth that does not require a basket cover is used. Crystals can be easily extracted.

・Contamination of the drive unit is prevented. The processing unit and drive unit are separated. Only the parts necessary for product collection are within the containment.

・Opening and closing of windows are easy, and users can be reassured that there is no scattering when there are breakages. The windows are made of solvent-resistant coated plastic. This is lighter than glass, and it is safe because it does not scatter even when broken.

・A variety of options are available to suit your needs. For example, there are options for CIP, ultraviolet sterilization and an ionizer.

・We carry out design, production and after-sales support in Japan.