Product Specifications

There is a need to contain the centrifuge in the isolator to ensure the safety of the operator when dealing with high active substance including bulk pharmaceutical.
This unit is composed of the centrifuge designed for high active substance separation and the isolator corresponding to OEL level from 0.1 to 100μg/m3.
The centrifuge can be operated ensuring the safety of the operator in the containment of state.



・Revolution per minutes:3465(min-1)

・Max. centrifugal effects:2000G

・Max. Processing capacity:2000g



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It has excellent operability and workability, and easy access to products because of inclined discharge type.

Adoption of filter cloth without requiring basket cover. Products can be easily recovered.

Preventing contamination of the drive unit. Containment only the parts necessary for product recovery by separating the drive unit and processing unit.

It is safe without scattering even when it breaks because the window is made of solvent resistant coated plastic.

We have various options according to your request such as CIP, ultraviolet sterilization, ionizer etc.

Based on the latest information of Europe and the United States, we design, manufacture and after-follow in Japan.