Product Specifications

Bottom-discharge centrifuge used in various fields thanks to its high basic performance.
A new original filter cloth attachment mechanism has been developed.
The mechanism enables filtration from both the top and bottom of the basket, which achieves a quantum leap in filtering efficiency of low-filterable substances such as Chinese herbal medicine, starch, etc..


Casing Open/Close Mechanism

The open/close type casing enables the opening of the basket. Thus, the inside of the casing, the entire basket, accessories, etc., can be cleaned thoroughly. As a result, when materials being processed are changed, fully clean centrifugal processing is possible.

Filter Cleaner

High-pressure air or N2 gas spouted from a nozzle attached to the scraper scales cake residues from the filter cloth facilitating the subsequent draining process. Using high-pressure water instead of air, the filter cloth also can be washed cleanly.

Single-motion Scraper

Built with simple structure without consumable components, such as bellows, that scraper saves cake removing and money.

CIP Cleaning In The Machine

Cleaning nozzles are attached to the outside of the casing. A shower ball cleans the inside of the machine with water or solvent.

The Basket Lifting Up Device

The basket lifting device ensures cleaning and cleaning check.





Model Basket Capacity(l)
Max.processing capacity(kg)
Revolutions per Minutes
Centrifugal effects
Separator weight
I.D.(mm) Depth(mm)
HERVA 24 600 265 32 2.2 1600 860 1250
HERVA 30 760 360 68 3.7 1370 800 1500
HERVA 36 910 410 103 5.5 1250 800 1900
HERVA 42 1060 450 162 11 1160 800 2500
HERVA 48 1220 500 290 18.5 1080 800 3700
Model Main parts dimensions
HERVA 24 750 860 1050 2170 2000
HERVA 30 895 1045 1368 2325 2150
HERVA 36 980 1125 1492 2530 2440
HERVA 42 1050 1299 1683 2770 2730
HERVA 48 1215 1445 1916 2840 2970

Product features

Even low-filterable substances can be filtered from both the top and bottom of the basket.

No leakage from the top and bottom of the filter cloth thanks to the seamless filter cloth.

Easy cleaning by opening/closing the casing.

One-touch up-and-down operation of the basket.

Reliable cleaning and cleaning check. Lead time for switching products can be significantly reduced.