Product Specifications

Enables fully-automatic recovery of the entire crystal without crushing it.
Pressurization is available, which is not supported by conventional centrifuges. The moisture content of crystals can be maximally reduced by applying pressure. Moreover drying efficiency can be increased significantly by directing hot air-flow into them.


CIP Cleaning In The Machine

Cleaning nozzles are attached to the outside of the casing. A shower ball cleans the inside of the machine with water or solvent.





Model Basket Capacity(l) Revolutions per Minutes
Centrifugal effect
Main parts dimensions(mm)
I.D.(mm) Depth(mm) A B C D
FLOWM-20 400 220 20 3300 2420 2207 700 1000 1600
FLOWM-100 670 335 100 2310 2000 3051 1100 1550 1771
FLOWM-150 780 390 150 2040 1800 3539 1280 1800 2060
FLOWM-200 870 435 200 1820 1600 3947 1429 2013 2300
FLOWM-250 960 480 250 1680 1500 4217 1527 2061 2459
FLOWM-300 1040 520 300 1445 1200 4405 1550 2100 2465

Product features

・A variety of recipes can be programmed and regulation disks can be used for fully automated processing without human intervention, including slurry supply, separation, cake washing, crystal recovery, and cleaning, enabling labor-saving without the need for operator intervention.

・A vibration detector is installed as standard and the operation status is constantly monitored. As the machine is equipped with various safety devices, automated operation is possible.

・By inverting the filter cloth, all crystals can be recovered.

・The device is ideal for preventing contamination. The separation and purification part of the centrifuge and the drive unit are separated by a partition wall to prevent abrasion powder in the drive unit from mixing into the product.

・As the casing is fully open and the basket is in front of the operator, it is easy to clean and check the inside of the basket as well as the back of the basket.

・Since the entire process can be handled fully automatically, contamination due to operator intervention does not occur.

・CIP cleaning and immersion cleaning can be performed. The washing liquid is stored in the tank, and the basket can be soaked and washed while being rotated. Not even a few crystals remain.

・Because of the automatic operation, there are few opportunities for the operator to intervene, thus avoiding health hazards to the operator.

・All Matsumoto Machine centrifuges are custom-made. Regardless of the model, we respond to all requests, so please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or questions. After confirming the desired usage and conditions, our technicians will design from scratch and make a custom-made device.