Product Specifications

Answers needs for higher cost performance and the omission of automatic functions while maintaining the excellent centrifugation capabilities of the JMP Series fully-automatic horizontal centrifuge. Of course, this model is GMP-compliant. Reliable automatic cleaning of the internal wetted part delivers outstanding performance for pharmaceutical products as well as electronic materials which require high purity.




Model Basket Capacity
Centrifugal effect
I.D.(mm) Depth(mm) A B C
eMV500 500 265 20 900 1400 1000 1300
eMV600 600 265 29 900 1500 1100 1400
eMV800 760 360 68 800 1800 1400 1700
eMV900 910 410 103 800 2000 1600 1900
eMV1100 1060 450 162 800 2200 1800 2100

Product features

The slanted opening of the casing can reduce the workload of an operator at discharging crystals.

This centrifuge can be used for all kinds of filterable products by using a dewatering bag. In addition, products can be fully recovered.

Use of a metal filter as a filter medium prevents contamination from the filter cloth.

Opening/closing the casing allows easy internal inspection and cleaning check.

The CIP cleaning nozzles ensure automatic cleaning of the internal wetted part.

Space can be saved by installing the separating section in a clean room.

The drive section where foreign material is easily generated can be installed outside the clean zone. This allows easy daily maintenance and overhaul.

This centrifuge can be installed in a low-height place.

For the wetted part, suitable materials, such as stainless steel, hastelloy and Teflon lining, can be selected depending on materials being processed.