Dehydrator for Use in the Manufacture of Wigs

Product Specifications

Removal of water by the centrifugal force after the wigs have been dyed is extremely efficient, and the rotation speed can be controlled to match the product for the best results.


Casing Open/Close Mechanism

The open/close type casing enables the opening of the basket. Thus, the inside of the casing, the entire basket, accessories, etc., can be cleaned thoroughly. As a result, when materials being processed are changed, fully clean centrifugal processing is possible.

The Basket Lifting Up Device

The basket lifting device ensures cleaning and cleaning check.





Model Basket Capacity(l)
Max.Processing Capacity(kg)
Revolutions per Minutes
Centrifugal effect
Separator weight
I.D.(mm) Depth(mm)
KM-20+M 500 265 20 2.2 1800 905 620
KM-24+M 600 265 32 3.7 1600 860 710
KM-30+M 760 360 68 5.5 1300 718 1220
KM-36+M 910 410 103 7.5 1100 615 1600
KM-42+M 1060 450 162 15 1000 590 2450
KM-48+M 1220 500 290 22 950 615 3100
Model Main parts dimensions
KM-20+M 680 1079 855 987 575 1614 1080
KM-24+M 680 1079 855 1074 575 1745 1090
KM-30+M 894 1265 1045 1366 712 2182 1378
KM-36+M 983 1391 1125 1294 942 2259 1509
KM-42+M 1047 1481 1235 1410 1080 2522 1739
KM-48+M 1219 1724 1452 1614 1096 3110 1823

Product features

・This design enables easy removal of fibers from the top without entangling them.

・We have a track record of linking the centrifuge operation with robots. We can also provide a special basket and lifter for removal, combined for efficient operation.

・We will make the machine in the size you want according to the size of the product.

・Since the device is easy to clean and check, and so the cleaning time can be shortened, it is suitable for high-mix small-lot production.

・Manual operation is standard for this device, but we also manufacture a special specification that combines various automatic operation devices.

・The hydraulically driven direct-coupled type with a basket plate opening and closing mechanism, which makes cleaning inside and outside the basket easy, is effective for clean rooms and GMP.

・The basket flat specification makes it easy to clean the back of the basket.

・Because the entire product can be collected using filter cloth bags, there is no loss.

・All Matsumoto Machine centrifuges are custom-made. Regardless of the model, we respond to all requests, so please feel free to contact us if you have any requests or questions. After confirming the desired usage and conditions, our technicians will design from scratch and make a custom-made device.