Product Specifications

This device protects operators from highly pharmacologically active substances. When handling active substances such as active pharmaceutical ingredients, the centrifuge must be contained within the isolator to ensure operator safety.
The B-CONTE covers the centrifuge with a bag with gloves to enable collection of the product with the gloves without touching the product directly. It is suitable for use in any field and containment is implemented only where needed to keep costs down. Work can be performed in a low-cost and contained state while ensuring operator safety.


・Revolutions per minute: 3465 (min-1)

・Maximum centrifugal effect: 2000 G

・Maximum throughput: 2000 grammes


*In addition, new designs customized according to the processed items are available.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Product features

・The minimum required containment is implemented to protect operators.

・Access to products is easy. The inclined discharge provides excellent operability and workability.

・A low-cost disposable containment bag is used. As the bag is disposable, it does not require washing each time.

・A filter cloth that does not require a basket cover is used. Crystals can be extracted easily.

・Contamination of the drive unit is prevented. The processing unit and drive unit are separated. Only the centrifuge parts necessary for product collection are within the containment.

・We carry out design, production and after-sales support in Japan.