“We want to make a “fascinating factory” for visitors on a tour of our factory” KMβ

Food Products Filtration Starch

We want to make a “fascinating factory” for visitors on a tour of our factory.

A food seasonings manufacturer came to us with a request to make a “fascinating factory” that reassures visitors on factory tours. So we introduced our KMβ vertical centrifuge.

In order to reassure visitors on factory tours so that they would purchase products, we made the exterior all stainless steel, and delivered a centrifuge with a specification at the level used by pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

The customer was pleased to report that, as a result of using our centrifuge, the machine had a clean and solid finish, so the factory provided a sense of reassurance even to final users on factory tours.

In addition, as there was no actual risk of peeling paint, the risk of mixing of foreign matter was also reduced.

KM all stainless steel .jpg copy

Even for food products, presently standards are being demanded that are even stricter than thus far for mixing of foreign matter. But we manufactured and delivered a centrifuge that the customer mentioned trusted, saying,“If we use this standard of equipment, we have no concerns.”

Key Points

All stainless-steel exterior

By making the centrifuge exterior all stainless steel, the machine had a clean and solid finish.

Company supplied

The food product and additives manufacturer, F Corporation

 Corn Starch Starch Powder

Centrifuge supplied

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