“We want to be able to take out fiber products from the machine cleanly”KMβ

Water removal from fibers

We want to be able to take out fiber products from the machine cleanly.

A fiber manufacturer, T Corporation, consulted us, explaining, “We remove water from fibers, and we want to take out the roll of fibers from the water remover cleanly.” So we proposed a centrifuge with which the water removal matched the shape and type of the fiber product and with which the product could be taken out easily.

As a result of using our centrifuge, by establishing a method of water removal and taking out that matched the product, it was possible to take out the fiber product cleanly and so they were able to improve the quality of the fiber product, and greatly reduce the amount of waste.


The proposed KMβ centrifuge for removing water from fiber

Key Points – A speedy regulating function to match the product having water removed from it

Since the water remover already installed was a slip style one whose rotation speed was fixed, it was not possible to control the force of water removal (centrifugal force) or the water removal time to match the fiber product having water removed from it.

And so, an INV (inverter) system whose rotation speed could be changed, and which could handle a variety of types of fiber products was adopted.

Key Points – Unique design for ease of taking out the product

In the water remover already installed and used prior to inquiring with us, the opening for taking out the fiber after water removal was narrow, so that it was not possible to take out the product cleanly and as this meant a lot of product had to be wasted, we made a specification in which the fiber could be taken out easily even in a roll, as the whole upper surface of the basket cover opened widely, so the product could be taken out whole with the whole water removal bag.

In addition, to make the roll of fiber product easy to take out, the top cover was designed to be bigger than usual.

Key Points – a pipe that could be changed depending on the product from which you want to remove water

Since the fiber shape changes depending on the direction and position of the feed, we made a specification with both central charging and side charging.

In addition, we made it possible in the future to feed through a single port elbow from the side.

Key Points – unique shape calculated for ease of water removal

We made a uniquely shaped main shaft nut so that a parasol could be attached to the main shaft nut, so that in the case of central charging the fibers attached from above the basket bottom.

Key Points – Water removal testing implemented until the customer was satisfied

We conducted water removal tests many times in our test machine since the acceptability or not of the product depends on the rotation speed, water removal time and feed angle.

We conducted water removal tests until the customer was satisfied, and after repeated meetings to resolve concerns, we proposed the optimal specification.

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The fiber manufacturer, T Corporation

1 Fiber Water Removal

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