Mark3 has won Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen 2021.

On Wednesday, January 20, the Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry announced that the Matsumoto Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mark III γ had been selected in the Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen 2021. The Mark III γ is an upper split, open-close type centrifuge that can be installed even in tight spaces and allows easy cleaning and confirmation of cleaning.

Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen



The Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry uncovers and selects businesses’ newly developed, “excellent” products and technologies that “sell well” for the Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen.
We were selected in the medical care, health, and nursing care category for our products and technologies that are effective in improving medical care, improving health, and lightening the burden of nursing care.

Reason for Selection


The fully automatic Mark III centrifuge

The Mark III γ was selected for the Kansai Monozukuri Shinsen because it was evaluated that the product can look forward to future expansion since it can produce high-quality pharmaceuticals without contamination by foreign matter at low cost, consequently reducing the price of pharmaceuticals themselves, and leading to the solution of the medical cost problem caused by the declining birthrate and aging population. This is achieved because the machine interior can be cleaned and the cleaning confirmed more quickly and reliably than before, even in confined spaces with limited height available, by employing an upper split, open and close mechanism.

Mark III γ Profile


Mark III γIf the entire centrifuge lid is to be opened wide and upward as in usual machines, the 48 x 30 centrifuge needs to be 3130 mm high and 2670 mm wide from the machine center.

To make it easier to clean without taking up height and space in the factory, the lid of the machine is divided into 2 parts, allowing the interior to be checked. As a result, the required height is 2570 mm and the required width from the center of the machine is only 1019.5 mm, achieving a reduction of about 17.9% in height and about 61.8% in width.

Reduction – Height: 17.9%, Size: 61.8%


MARKⅢγ with an upper open and close mechanism installation diagram

This new product makes it possible to use a centrifuge which allows easy washing and cleaning confirmation even in confined factories and laboratories with height restrictions where conventional machines cannot be introduced.

As a result, it takes less time to clean and confirm the cleaning of the centrifuge interior when switching products, thus reducing labor costs and machine unloading costs.

The Matsumoto Machine Group will continue to respond to customer requests and develop appealing products.


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