Halal Certification Support

Halal Certification Support

The Matsumoto Machine Group is able to provide Halal certified cloth.

In Islam,
・Pork meat and skin (pork extract, additives containing pig ingredients, etc.)
•Alcoholic beverages
・ Ingredients derived from animals other than pigs (animal blood and dead meat)
and so on, are considered to be unacceptable.

Therefore, in order to manufacture products that do not contain Haram and that are compatible with Halal certification, centrifuges and filtration machines also require devices and consumables that are compatible with Halal certification.

Therefore, when the Matsumoto Machine Group manufactures products that support Halal certification, we can also provide Halal certified cloths.

There are various grades of Halal, so please feel free to ask us what kind of approval you need.

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