Centrifuge Maintenance Spare Parts Ranking

Importance of keeping spare parts

For general specifications, some of the spare parts can be found in our company. But many of our centrifuges are built to order to meet customer needs. Therefore, in case of emergency, it is often necessary to make the spare parts from scratch. It may take some time from the time you order them to delivery.

Of course, even if we have a spare part, it may be out of stock in case of multiple orders.

Therefore, we recommend that you keep your own spare parts just in case.

spare parts

Advantages of keeping spare parts

• Faster machine recovery and reduced pause losses.

Ranking of kept spare parts

1st: bellows
2nd: filter cloth
3rd: hydraulic pump
4th: hydraulic motor
5th: Inverter
6th: Rotation meter and sensor
7th: Touch panel
8th: Flow rate meter with contact

The 1st ranked bellows is a part which has a relatively high number of unexpected troubleswhen cleaning and washing the centrifuge interior with cleaning tools,and so many customers keep spare bellows so that they can replace them immediately when torn.

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