A Present of the “Basic Centrifuge Knowledge” Booklet Data

A Present of the “Basic Centrifuge Knowledge” Booklet Data

We will give you the “Basic Centrifuge Knowledge” booklet data as a present.

The booklet introduces centrifuges, from how they work to applications or use cases, and how to select one.

It is easy to understand for those who have never touched a centrifuge, and it is explained so that anyone can understand it in 5 minutes.

The booklet is recommended for those who use equipment for filtration, separation, oil draining, water draining, dehydration, and pressing.


It describes centrifuges used at a variety of manufacturing sites, such as for industrial products, food products, pharmaceuticals, and chemical products.* Materials Presentation


Matsumoto Machinery Sales has specialized in the manufacture and sale of centrifuges for 70 years, and we pride ourselves on having the technology and knowledge to compete with other centrifuge manufacturers.

Here, we would like to introduce basic knowledge about the centrifuge.

・What is the centrifugal force?
・What is centrifugal separation?
・The filtration efficiency of a centrifuge
・Centrifuge applications
・Centrifuge use cases

centrifuge basic

You can download the booklet data from the link below, so please use it.

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