I want to filter the juice in the juice production process


I Filtration by machine. We want to reduce manpower and improve efficiency

We proposed a juice-producing centrifuge for filtering fruit juices squeezed for the manufacturer H company “I want to save labor by squeezing juice that has been squeezed by manpower”.

KM 小サイズ

Centrifuge for juice production and fruit juice filtration.

【POINT】High-speed filtration with centrifugal force hundreds of times the gravity.

Proposal for optimum specifications through close discussions after filtration tests using a test machine.


The filtration time is determined after testing with our test machine.

After hearing the filtration conditions necessary for your product, we will discuss and discuss the specifications of the machine that best suits your needs.

会議 ミーティング

Meeting with specialist staff in each section

All stainless steel construction to prevent contamination.

The machine is made of all-stainless steel so that foreign matter does not enter the product juice.

It is easy to clean due to all sus construction, and it has a clean appearance and stylish look for customers who can come to the factory tour.

KM オールステンレス.jpgのコピー

Automatic control of G (centrifugal force) optimal for processing

With variable speed control that can freely change the rotation speed, filtration dewatering can be performed with G (centrifugal force) that is optimal for the product.

You feel safe in case of emergency.

Since it is equipped with an interlock, abnormal vibration detection device, rotation speed compensation system, etc the safety device operates automatically in case of an accident.

Automated squeeze filtration

Prior to the introduction of the squeeze filter, workers manually squeezed the fruit that was put in the cloth bag. After the squeeze filter was introduced, it became possible to filter the juice easily in a short time without human intervention.

 Delivered Company

Juice manufacturing H company


Delivered centrifuge

KM 小 small

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