I want to filter residues in the fertilizer manufacturing process


I want to filter liquid fertilizer residues

A centrifuge for removing residues in fertilizer told by fertilizer maker S company saying “I want to filter the residue because the residue in the fertilizer is clogged when spraying liquid fertilizer”. Proposal and delivery.


Delivered centrifugal sedimentation skimming centrifuge BM

【POINT】Machine size reduction with continuous filtration

We suggested how to use. Machine size and budget are greatly reduced.

The customer’s fertilizer was filtered with our testing machine.

We confirmed the filtration status. We proposed to customers how to use and specifications for continuous filtration.

The machine size could be changed to a smaller one.

By reducing the size of the machine, the installation space has also been able to lower the customer’s budget.

They were able to buy machines more cheaply than expected.

They produce fertilizers that can be sown comfortably without clogging the spray nozzle when spraying the fertilizer.

 Delivered Company

the fertilizer maker S company


Delivered centrifuge


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