Want to save labor by fully automatic centrifuge

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Create a program according to the processed material

Company N, a powder seasoning manufacturer, said, “We don’t want to stop production at the factory for 24 hours continuously for manual operation.”
So we have proposed and delivered a centrifuge that can be fully automated.

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【POINT】We have a thorough hearing and meeting.

We propose the best specifications through close discussions with our mechanical technology members and electrical program technology members.

We understand the viscosity and filtration characteristics of the products clients want to process after testing them with our testing machine. We will examine the specifications of the machine that best suits their product, and discuss how to operate the centrifuge and the timing of each process.
We create an operation pattern that matches the product and create an optimal program on a custom-made basis through interviews with customers.

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[Meeting with specialist staff in each section]

Variety of recipes

We created 12 different recipes for clients to switch between multiple products and dehydrate multiple products with a single centrifuge.
Programs can be added at any time after the centrifuge has been delivered.

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[Electric programmer creates recipe]

Automation of products into machines

The optimum amount of product to be added to the centrifuge is supplied by an overfeed prevention device.
When an appropriate amount is added, the feeding is automatically stopped and the filtration and dehydration process starts.

Automatic control of G (centrifugal force) optimal for processing

With variable speed control that can freely change the rotation speed, filtration dewatering can be performed with G (centrifugal force) that is optimal for the product.

Automated product discharge

After the filtration and dehydration process and the crystal washing process are completed, the crystals are automatically scraped and discharged out of the centrifuge.
Prior to automation, operators smashed hard crystals with a scoop and scraped them out of the centrifuge.

Automatic cleaning of centrifuges after product production

The in-flight CIP cleaning device can also automatically clean the inside of the centrifuge.

 Delivered Company

Seasoning manufacturer N company

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Delivered centrifuge


Bottom-discharge top-drive centrifuge Mark3

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